Went on a drive last week. Got back to St. Louis last night and am about to hop in a plane to Alaska. Didn’t get to fit in time for any photo outings really, it was non-stop go go go. Drove to New Orleans with Tom Huck and Travis Lawrence to the giant BFT printmaking event going on during SGC. Arrived at this IRONWORKS compound on Piety St. just a little east of The French Quarter where a lot of artists had already arrived and had begun construction/decoration of their “traincars” for Saturday’s parade. Was only able to stick around that night before driving on alone to Austin, Texas but before leaving managed to get stopped by the cops while attempting to jump a cemetery fence with a fiddle player, burlesque dancer and guy with a bottle of moonshine who managed to shatter his bottle on the way over the fence. Wow New Orleans! Thank you GoGo McGregor!
Picked up a rental car and drove to Austin to intersect with genius beer brewers Jim Sampson and Shane Bordeau from Twisted X Brewery for a celebration/tasting party of a new beer they brewed especially for Billy Gibbons of ZZTop. By default I got to make the label/art for it. Have been working with Twisted X Brewery for a couple years and have gotten to make some pretty fun art for their different brews. Had met Jim on a fluke trip he had to come to STL for but awesome to meet Shane for the first time in person after countless phone calls and email correspondences over these labels. Got to meet the legendary Billy Gibbons and am looking forward to talking with him further as we dial in the art for his beer release.
As getting into Austin, had a chance to see Triple Crown Tattoo and say hello to some friends. Mo Malone, good old friend, – used to tell people she was the best tattooer in the midwest, lives in Austin now. So good to see her for a minute along with Zach, Ezra, Scott and finally got to meet Joey Ortega. Again, same situation. Have done a lot of design and collaboration with them. Have never been able to see their studio. Was great to finally make good on that. Got a copy of Ezra and Zach’s new book 2012 while there (see photos from the post right before this). Damn it’s amazing!
Mo was able to meet up with us after the party too at Whip-In to try a few other beers Twisted X has on tap there.
Unfortunately I had set a time cap and needed to leave by 8pm to head back towards New Orleans. The visit was too short for sure. Hope to get to go back soon and spend more time with everyone. Mr. A.J Lovell, artist extraordinaire and Austin Museum of Art Operations Manager was kind enough to join me all day. I need to say thank you, thank you, thank you again for taking me to “Austin’s Best Taco Stand” – the man would know.
Made it to the Luisiana border that night for a quick nap in a bayou truck stop. Woke up the next morning with a car full of mosquitos and covered in little red dots… dang.
Was able to get back to New Orleans and hook back up with Huck and Travis to see these train-cars come together and enjoy the last few hours of the print sale. Finally that time came. The train left the station and what ensued was one of the best nights I’ve ever had. Will try and post pics soon of the parade and the event itself. Thank you Dennis for being crazy enough to even attempt pulling something like this off.